3 de juny 2016, 2:39 publicada per miriam Bosca Martinez

Last Tuesday of May we had our fourth Practical English Sketch Festival performed by the students of 4th of ESO who attend the optative subject with the same name. Pupils have been working all the course year in groups as if they were small theatre companies to write their own scripts. 

Students not only had to create the text, but also the different scenes in their plays, the atrezzo and the music and so on. This last term was dedicated to rehearse the sketches and to prepare all the material they needed. Xema Palanca, the Drama teacher in our school, has helped them to organize and stage their plays, and Lianne, our Conversation Assistant, has helped them with their pronunciation.

At the end, the performance was a great success and we want to congratulate all the students because they have worked really hard since September! Well done!!!

Practical English Pictures 2016