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2013-2014: 1st meeting with Europaschule

January - March 2014
    During the 2nd Term we have intensified contact with a German High School called Europaschule, which is situated in the city of Herzogenrath (in the state of Westfalia, near the border with Belgium and The Netherlands). Everything started when a teacher from the German school was looking for 'serious' partners in the European platform e-Twinning in order to start a European Project together. It was a coincidence (or destiny) because we were looking for a European school with the same interests. We started to send emails every week to find a topic for the project and we agreed to start planning a project related to foreign languages, drama and social inclusion of disabled people. And then everything started to work out very quickly.

    The objective of this relationship was to plan, write and apply for a bilateral Erasmus + Project for the school years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016We decided to arrange a visit in March 2014 in order to meet in person, plan all the objectives, activities, exchanges, etc. and then write down the project, which would have to be sent online to the European Union. 

    And finally, March arrived! And we had a very special visit. From Tuesday 25th until Thursday the 27th March we hosted three teachers from Europaschule. They stayed in a hotel in Valencia, but came to our school in Alaquàs everyday to work on the Erasmus + project and visit different places in Alaquàs (Olivar I school, the church, the town hall, the Castle, the Auditorium...).                   

It was a great experience and we hope we get the project!!!